Lock Dem Up secured the final spot in the DAVA Business League semi-finals after defeating their opponents, Intransit, 2-0 on Wednesday evening in front of a vociferous crowd at 12th Street Canefield.

With three teams already well seated in the semi’s, Lock Dem Up and Intransit took on each other in search of a victory that would bring them one step closer to the finals.

Having knocked out the law makers in the opening Ballorama, Intransit were quick off the blocks, taking a 3-0 lead in the first set before Lock Dem Up switched gears and quickly took control of the matter, ending set one 25-19.

Set two was much of the same, Intransit again on the front foot, taking the early lead over the law makers. But, with poor communication among the Intransit team, Lock Dem Up continued to play excellent volleyball — in the end locking away the Intransit team until the next Business League.

The final scores 25-19, 25-19 as Lock Dem Up sealed a 2-0 victory.

Captain of Lock Dem Up, Emmanuel Loblack says “It was an easy game, we just played around with some of our new players to at least introduce them to the court to get a feeling of the game.”

“In all it was an easy game we just made it look difficult,” he said.

Meanwhile, Sheldon Joyce, Coach of Intransit, blamed a lack of communication as a factor to his team’s defeat.

“Communication was the biggest problem with our team tonight, the communication wasn’t there.”

“We could have done a much better job but that’s how it is, one to win one to lose. Next year we’ll be better off,” Joyce said.

Saturday’s semi-final matches will bring the power company, Domlec against the Dutch Lady from 6:00pm. That match will be followed by the Kalinago NEP Workers against Lock Dem Up from 7:30pm.


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