The Dutch Lady Shake silenced the supporters of the KNGC Family on the weekend as they came from behind to claim a 2-1 win which saw the DAVA Business League record its first 3-set match.

With Dutch Lady losing set one (20-25), they bounced back nicely in set two where they really found their groove and gave the KNGC Family a Power Shake.

From there, it was no looking back for the Dutch Lady team as they claimed victory in set three.

The final scores; 20-25, 25-13, 25-19.

Coaching the Dutch Lady team, Yhan Florant said; “They’re like diesel engines, they have to take their time and kick up and warm up. At the end of the day they came back and they won. They had a good performance they actually played good.”

Lincoln Riviere, Coach of KNGC Family says his team played a lot better than they did at the ball-o-rama competition. “We seemed to have fallen short in the second and third set, but I think we’re still improving and Astaphan put up a good fight, I commend them for that as well,” he said.

The second match of the day was cancelled with points being awarded to Lock Dem Up.

Point standings after this weekends matches:

Domlec – 5
Kalinago NEP Workers – 5
Lock Dem Up – 5
Dutch Lady – 3
KNGC Family – 2
RBC Lions – 0
MoBanking Servers – 0
Intransit – 0

The next games will be on Saturday 14th and Sunday 15th:

MoBanking Servers vs RBC Lions (Saturday 14th)

Dutch Lady vs Intransit (Saturday 14th)

Kalinago NEP Workers vs KNGC Family (Sunday 15th)

Domlec vs Lock Dem Up (Sunday 15th)


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