Koath Baron pulled off an amazing victory to record his third win for the season and crowned as the new ‘King of the Mountains’ in the “Mountain Challenge” race on Sunday.

Baron, fresh from being victorious in last Sunday’s 25-round race around the WPSS, held a massive lead to claim first position on the toughest race thus far.

“Well this morning’s race was as difficult as it sounds,” he said. “Coming up to Bellvue is not an easy race with all that climbing it takes a toll on your legs but suffering is all part of it so I just put my head down in suffering and I came out with the win today.”

Koath was accompanied by Kevon Boyd through majority of the climb and the two paced the hills with ease, but Koath in the end pulling away from Boyd to take an unassailable lead and finished the race in grand style.

“I was just waiting for a perfect time on a certain turn coming up to Bellevue. I waited for that time and when I saw I reached that turn I just went for it,” Baron said.

The new ‘King of the Mountains’ plans to work harder and improve on his times as the season progresses.

Meantime, Kevon Boyd who finished second says he treated the race as a normal one and performed at a comfortable speed to make the climb.

“Today, from the start of the morning I told myself I had to be on the podium because the race before I had some health issues I didn’t finish the race and last week now I got a flat on the first lap so I had to be chasing them and chasing them like a rabbit in a hole. So for this race I told myself I just had to be on the podium,” Boyd said.

Levi Baron was the third-place finisher ahead of Chester ‘Daddy Chess’ Letang in fourth.

The race commenced from Ma Boyd’s Bar on the Woodbridge Bay to Bellevue Chopin.


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