Petro Caribe Point Michel emphatically defeated Happi Bath Estate Football Club 3-0 at the Windsor Park Sports Stadium in their first match after a long break due to the COVID-19 outbreak.

Happi Bath Estate FC began brightly, forcing the opposition goalkeeper, Tafari Elie, into an early save, but it was Perry Charles of Petro Caribe Point Michel who fired in the opening goal.

Burt Casimir converted a few minutes later to make it 2-0 before the halftime break — an amazing chest control following a cross from the right flank, Casimir slotted home past Owen Oscar in goal.

Petro Caribe forward, Burt Casimir, scoring the second goal of the match as Happi Bath Estate keeper, Owen Oscar, attempts to make the save.

Happi Bath Estate grew into the contest in the second half creating chances of their own but it was Petro Caribe Point Michel adding the killer blow with a Jante Casimir Strike.

Jante Casimir, scorer of Petro Caribe’s 3rd goal vs Happi Bath Estate

Both teams continued to fight hard in the remaining minutes as fatigue crept in — largely due to the long break away from the game.

Petro Caribe Point Michel hung on to their clean sheet despite the constant threat from Bath Estate.




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