Dominican forward, Julian Wade, is encouraging sportsmen and women to be responsible during the coronavirus pandemic.

Wade who is currently in the United Kingdom says “though we may be healthier and have a better immune system than the average person, I want us to be mindful that some of us could be asymptomatic and in that way the virus can be transmitted to other persons who may not be as fortunate as we are.”

“I don’t think we want to be responsible for the death of anybody,” he added. “So I just want us to be responsible people and just continue doing what we’re doing so that we can get through this pandemic the best way possible.”

He also encouraged persons to find videos that can be useful to their home workouts as well as taking the time to do strength and flexibility exercises while indoors.

“These things are equally important as technical and tactical aspects of the game because this will help prevent injuries and keep your muscles conditioned. So when the pandemic passes you’ll be in a position to hit the ground running and have a competitive edge over the rest of the players,” Julian Wade says.


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