Delroy “Bomber” Jno Charles needed only two rounds to end the contest in bout number four against St. Lucian boxer, Leran “De Hammer” Registe in the 91kg+ weight class.

Hammer was knocked out cold as Bomber won Dominica’s first and only bout of the evening.

Speaking after his Knockout win, Jno Charles says “my strategy was defense.” “As my coach tell me boxing now is defense and I had a more senior boxer before my match showing me the strongest defense I have ever seen in my life and that is exactly what I used and when I got in there I knew that I had the match when I saw my opponent hitting the defense, he thought he was scoring points but he wasn’t.”

“So when he hit the defense I open up with a left hook and it caught him clean. That was my strategy,” the winner of bout number four said.

A disappointed Leran Registe said he let his guard down for a split second and was caught by the speed of the punch from the Bomber.

“Well, when you’re in the ring you got to always keep your hands up and my hands just got away from my head for a little second. Just for one second if your hands are by your chin that punch can come in so fast you can get knocked down and that’s what happened. Just for one second I dropped my hand and I was down,” he said.


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