The 2020 Sports Division Secondary Schools Basketball Championship will officially begin on Wednesday 5th February.

There will be an Opening Ceremony which will be followed by a Ball-O-Rama competition among the participating teams.

The Opening, which will be held at the St. Joseph Basketball Court, commences at 3pm and is expected to hear addresses from the Honorable Dr. Adis King, Minister of Youth and Parliamentary Representative for the St. Joseph Constituency, The Sports Coordinator in the Ministry of Sports, Culture and Community Development, Mr. Trevor Shillingford, a representative of the Dominica Amateur Basketball Association and the Chairman of the St. Joseph Village Council.

This year six (6) schools have registered in the boy’s division whilst four (4) schools have registered in the girl’s division.

However, eight (8) teams will participate in the boy’s division and six teams in the girl’s division, as schools were allowed to register a maximum of two (2) teams.

The Dominica State College won both the boy’s and girl’s divisions in 2019.


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