With the most challenging race of the season just a day away, the youngest racer, Ajany Casimir, says his aim is to stay as close as possible to the other riders.

“I know it’s going to be challenging,” Ajany told Positive Media.

Sunday’s race will be from Ma Boyd’s Bar on the Woodbridge Bay to Bellvue Chopin.

“Just yesterday I rode up to Bellevue and I didn’t do so good cause my trainer [Kevon] he left me down. We did one on Wednesday also and he left me down as well but I did better yesterday than on Wednesday.”

Casimir said he climbed up to Bellevue Chopin in approximately 25 minutes on Friday in a practice run. “I know it’s going to be challenging but to be honest, I just want them to pace, I don’t want them to go fast…I just think it’ll be cool for me to stay close with them on till the end and I’ll just see how the race goes,” he said.

Ajany who finished third in last weekend’s 25-round race around the Windsor Park Stadium has doubts of being among the top three finishers in Sunday’s race.

He said, “To be honest I doubt I’ll be on the podium because I think Daddy Chess will take it on me. I think it’ll be Koath, Kevon then Daddy Chess.”

Sundays race has been dubbed as the ‘Mountain Challenge’ and will begin at 10am from Ma Boyd’s Bar.


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