A member of the Exodus Football Club who wishes to remain anonymous, has responded to a statement made by fellow Exodus FC right back, Ajaya Royer, who is said to be “unhappy treatment from the club.”

The club representative called on Royer to give more information and come clean the issues relating to the ‘treatment’ which he said he’s unhappy with.

“How is it that the club is treating you bad, is there something else that we don’t know?” the representative asked.

The defender earlier indicated that he is considering a move away from his parent club, Exodus FC to defending and two-time Premier League Champions, Dublanc FC.

“It has been roughly 3 to 4 or either 4 to 5 years Ajaya has been a starter, even before national team selection, he has been a starter with no substitution,” the member of the club said during a phone interview. “So when he talk about treatment I want to know what is the bad treatment he has been getting from the club…he not washing team jersey and that is what you call bad treatment, no player pays the bus the club pays the bus.”

“In our amateur football league bad treatment is not getting game time,” the Exodus member added.

The club’s representative further added, “Äjaya feels that he is a big man and nobody cannot tell him nothing and he’s on national team”.


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