Volleyball action continued this weekend as eight (8) teams sought victory against their opponents.

The action began on Saturday afternoon when One Pot Breakers took on Pichelin in a men’s second division match. Breakers seeking to maintain their undefeated status and Pichelin looking to clinch their first win both had reason to want the win.

A 3-0 victory gave Breakers the outcome they were looking for and the team walked away still undefeated.

Also looking to preserve their clean record, dBiz-Xerox Young Vets met with First Wolf Security Wolf Pac to do first division battle. Vets seemed to be well on their way to a clean
sweep of the Wolf Pac but the wolves howled their way back to win a set.

In the end however, Vets kept their record intact winning the game 3-1.

Sunday saw the clash of Celtics and MCCU Sunrise. The women met across the net first but Signman Celtics was not to be played with and made light work of the match winning 3-0. It was then up to the Celtics men’s team to follow suite but, MCCU Sunrise had other ideas and the double Celtic victory was stopped in a 3-2 Sunrise victory.

Games continue this weekend with action at both the Canefield and St. Joseph Hard courts.

On Saturday, First Wolf Security Strike Force will take on the MCCU Sunrise in the women’s division from 4:30pm while at 6:30 pm, First Wolf Security Strike Force will take on the MCCU Sunrise at Canefield.

On Sunday, Pichelin will take on Club 1 from 4:30 followed by Signman Celtics against Club 1 in the Women’s Division.


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